Reverse Logic

8 03 2010

Conservatives and Republican elective officials are twisting themselves into little, rightwing pretzels lately, warning the Democrats that passing The Great Socialist Healthcare Jam-Through That Nobody Likes is going to destroy the party in power and return Republicans to greatness.

Jon Chait, oddly enough, smells a rat.

Imagine McConnell is correct: Republicans will gain a massive advantage if Democrats pass health care reform. Why would McConnell signal this now, before Democrats have passed it, while they still have time to heed his warning and save themselves? Since we can assume that McConnell badly wants to become Senate Majority Leader, it seems awfully inconsistent with his self-interest for him to hand out such valuable strategic advice to the opposing party.

We saw a bit of this recently, too, when Matthew Dowd made the bizarre claim that Republicans wanted the Democrats to pass their HCR legislation.  I think it’s safe to say that this is akin to the great and heralded meeting of Mr. Bull and Mr. Shit, but it’s also probably the inevitable result of a political culture that eagerly paints everything as bad news for Democrats and that is too often rewarded for its efforts with panic in the Democratic caucus.





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