Thiessen Watch

9 03 2010

Apparently, Marc has nominated himself our reigning Guy Who Will Defend Anything, No Matter How Vile.  An interesting professional niche!

I know it’s not worth pointing out, has been pointed out a billion times already, etc., but: We have somehow managed to construct a public discourse in which broad-based support for sub-McCarthyite tactics can be aired in the nation’s mainstream media outlets, whereas, say, a robust defense of government-run healthcare of the single-payer variety would be considered insane and untoward and probably unpublishable.

Update: Seriously, behold:

Yet Attorney General Eric Holder hired former al-Qaeda lawyers to serve in the Justice Department and resisted providing Congress this basic information. . . . Some defenders say al-Qaeda lawyers are simply following a great American tradition, in which everyone gets a lawyer and their day in court.

He then goes on to cite Andy “So Totally Not Insane” McCarthy to make his point!

Question for the Post editors: Does Marc have to type his article before handing it in, or is he allowed to submit it in the original Crayon?





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