19 03 2010

Ezra on the dangers of the Republicans’ pedal-to-the-metal approach to stopping HCR:

But once you’ve taken the stops out, it’s hard to put them back in. Democrats will launch the very same attacks when they’re consigned to the minority, and maybe think up a few new ones of their own.

Ha ha ha haha hahah haha haha haha ha ha…


Of course, they will not.  But you can bet that whatever parliamentary maneuvers they do employ will be met with twenty-four-hour long screeching yowls of “Up or Down Vote” and “Obstructionism” and the like.  Jake will furrow his brow and warn of dire consequences.  Howie will be Very Concerned.  Which is exactly why Dems should proceed now anyway that they wish—deem-and-pass, self-executing rule, or whatever.  If you’re going to get flayed anyway, you might as well win.





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