Stroking Stupak?

19 03 2010

I guess it’s okay that Bart Stupak gets his separate bill affirming Hyde or whatever, at least inasmuch as the Senate HCR bill doesn’t override Hyde in the first place, but whatever.

I suppose it hardly bears repeating, but…This is one of the biggest problem with our modern politics.  Somehow, even in the “Information Age,” we’ve made it possible for a politician to advance a self-serving fiction and then to publicly act on that fiction as though it were true, even in the face of fact-based counter evidence.  Far worse, it’s often the case that others begin to act on it as though it were true, as well, and that’s where we find ourselves today with Stupak, whose motives seem to have more to do with stroking his own ego and pleasing his masters at Focus on the Family than in conforming to what you and I think of as reality.





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