Wanker Of The Day

26 03 2010


Sen. John Ensign (Nev.):

“Seeking of the truth should be not only part of the Justice Department and part of our judicial system, but also should be … a goal of reporters today,” Ensign said. “Unfortunately, too much of our press is … (1) biased or (2) just about ‘gotcha.'” […]

Ensign has insisted that he complied with the law and with Senate ethics rules, and he suggested Wednesday that the press is out to get him.

“Whether it’s Republican or Democrat, it’s about nailing somebody,” Ensign said.

What a clown. This scandal has gotten almost NO media airplay. During the same months several Dems have taken a severe beating in the public over their indiscretions. Now, has Ensign resigned? No. Has there been a call from other Republicans for the scandal plagued Senator to step down? No. Did Ensign himself say that President Clinton should step down for the Monika Lewinski scandal? Yes. It truly is OKIYAR.





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