Worst Ever?

1 04 2010

This from the WaPo‘s Charles Lane might just be one of the worst things ever:

But the antislavery side had its moments of nullification as well. In 1851, a Boston crowd broke into a federal courthouse to free “Shadrach,” a black man being held there by U.S. marshals enforcing the Fugitive Slave Law…. I am not suggesting a moral equivalency between the anti-slavery and pro-slavery forces. But I am suggesting an attitudinal equivalency.

Seriously: What.  The.  Fuck?

It’s hard to know exactly what to say to this, so let’s just restate Chuck’s premise here.

Abolitionists who willfully defied the evil and un-American Fugitive Slave Law are “attitudinally” similar to those who touched off a bloody and catastrophic civil war that came perilously close to tearing the Republic apart in the name of human chattel slavery.

(via everybody with any sense.)





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