Yikes Watch

8 04 2010

The intersection of public shame and rampant commercialism.  One of the more disturbing things I think I’ve ever seen.





One response

8 04 2010

What the sam-hell-fuck-all was that? That didn’t even make sense. You want to know what he was thinking? Start with the text messages: http://deadspin.com/5496451/ They’re a wonderful view into a porno mind. I don’t have a problem with that–couldn’t care less about his personal life, his love of face-slapping and ass-fucking, or even his public life and the stupid game he plays so well. But I do have a problem with this fucking bullshit. Tiger, prove to us you truly are a sexless, nonthreatening, pure-as-snow, do-no-wrong, suitably ashamed, completely rehabilitated, totally different, upstanding and outstanding role model for me and all the rest of the world because everyone either does or should give a fuck about golf and the privileged assholes who play it. And they should also buy Nike. (But not Gatorade, cause they dumped the poor fellow.)

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