Wanker of the Day

15 04 2010

This asshole.

In a way, I feel sorry for him.  I mean, here’s a guy whose taxable income is at least $250,000 (meaning that he probably makes well over that), but who feels not a twinge of embarrassment taking to one of the most-read newspapers in the country to whine about how unfair his life is and to write cringe-inducing shit like this:

My patience and pocketbook are reaching the breaking point… I am not for equal outcomes regardless of effort. I’m tired of being the mule. Maybe I will quit and live on the dole for awhile.

Dude, you so should!  I’d actually love to see a program whereby laughably egotistical twits like Mike Donahue “Go Galt” for a year, live off food stamps, scrape together pennies to pay for their groceries and gas and rent, and maybe even face the healthcare realities of those living “on the dole.”  He might even come out of it a better human being and maybe we’d be exposed to fewer of these kinds of ridiculous opinion pieces.





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