Wasted Years

23 04 2010

DougJ at Balloon Juice flags this bit from Ambinder on the Manzi Tempest:

Can anyone deny that the most trenchant and effective criticism of President Obama today comes not from the right but from the left? Rachel Maddow’s grilling of administration economic officials. Keith Olbermann’s hectoring of Democratic leaders on the public option. Glenn Greenwald’s criticisms of Elena Kagan. Ezra Klein and Jonathan Cohn’s keepin’-them-honest perspectives on health care. The civil libertarian left on detainees and Gitmo. The Huffington Post on derivatives.

I want to find Republicans to take seriously, but it is hard. Not because they don’t exist—serious Republicans—but because, as Sanchez and others seem to recognize, they are marginalized, even self-marginalizing, and the base itself seems to have developed a notion that bromides are equivalent to policy-thinking, and that therapy is a substitute for thinking.

This, in turn, of course, all ties back to Julian Sanchez’s “epistemic closure” stuff.

So, for those of you just tuning in, we’ve now spent…what?…nearly a month arguing over and to what degree far-right conservatives avoid confronting reality outside their own, small sphere of beliefs, a reality so unavoidable even Marc Ambinder can’t deny it.

Surely, even the Internets were never meant for this indignity.





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