Everything Is Racialized

26 04 2010

Greg Sargent has a great catch from the Drudge site today, accusing Obama of “playing the race card” by saying this:

In 2010, it will be up to each of you to make sure that the young people, African Americans, Latinos and women who powered our victory in 2008 stand together once again.

Obviously, the zombie of George Wallace has returned and now walks the land eating brains playing the race card with his hysterical racial rhetoric.  Also: Race!

I don’t think it’s worth the energy anymore to accuse conservative media personalities of rank hypocrisy, but I will note how striking it is—during this moment of Tea Parties and naked appeals to tribal identity from the right—to see fairly banal appeals to the Democratic base rewritten as an attempt to wind up racial (or gender) hostilities.





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