Keenly, Painfully Stoopid

26 04 2010

Someone, please, pull Jonah Goldberg aside and ask him to stop.

Really, at a certain point, it’s just embarrassing.  He’s like a dim-but-thinks-he’s-smart junior high school student who’s grabbed hold of a few “interesting facts” and used them to build a face-smacking historical theory that withstands not the briefest professional scrutiny.  He then defends said theory from actual historians by either whining that they (probably) haven’t read his stupid book or merely repeating the ideas without modification.





One response

26 04 2010

I know you want to link back to the content that drove your thinking/writing/gut-heaving/in-the-mouth-vomiting in the first place and I understand that this is one of the foundational acts of blogging and internet writing…but I really wish you would let me know when you’re linking to a fucking dickhead shiteating motherfucker so I don’t click over and drive up their hit totals. If the web lives and dies by the number of hits sites gets then I don’t want to add in the least little bit to these fucking idiot assholes’ success. I couldn’t give a fuck about the extended thinking and longer form writing of morons like Goldberg–actually get angry when I waste my own precious life and thought on piles of bloody pus like him–and yet there I am blithely clicking into his blog. Just give me a spoiler alert or something; throw me bone, guys.

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