Friday’s Random Ten

30 04 2010

I wouldn’t go out alone into America.

10.  Girl Sailor – The Shins

9.  New Age – Velvet Underground

8.  Ashamed of the Story I Told – The National

7.  Giving Up the Gun – Vampire Weekend

6.  Drops in the River – Fleet Foxes

5.  Bling (Confessions of a King) – The Killers

4.  I Made It – Jay-Z

3.  Ballad of a Comeback Kid – The New Pornographers

2.  Whiplash – Metallica

1.  This Is My Story, This Is My Song – Thelonious Monk






2 responses

30 04 2010

I didn’t understand one minute of that Vamp Weekend vid. Loved seeing the Rza, though. Not sure why Lil John had to be in it. And Jake? Huh?

RAA song was great.

Why is that apple-tini still on your homepage?

30 04 2010

It’s about tennis! I actually saw them (twice) not long ago. Very good live and recommended.

Apple-tini: It’s the usual story, T. For a while, you convince yourself that the apple-tini works for you. Then one day you wake up, find that you’re working for the apple-tini.

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