Clownhall Watch

5 05 2010

I don’t have much today, but this kinda made me laugh.  I accidentally clicked through to a Townhall article by Jonah Goldberg and then accidentally glanced at this add for the print edition, which I then accidentally read:

I’m generally unamused by the whole “epistemic closure” debate (considering it a unforgivable waste of time), but this is Teh Funny.




And, of course, completely Full of Shit.  The “fairness doctrine” flap of a while back was completely invented and, I don’t know, really about soaking the rubes for ratings or making ditto-heads feel brave about their choice of free political entertainment.  But what’s really rich here is that Townhall can’t even choose a cover copy for its ad that’s verifiably about a real issue.  You’d think they’d go with something about Sarah! or Healthcare reform but…no!  They can’t even get out of the gate.





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