“Gather Your Armies”

14 06 2010

This is awesome.

Update: More here from Dave Weigel, including recourse to actual history, which I obviously chose not to write about.  I suppose that there’s sometimes a reason (besides laughs) to get down in the weeds with Tea Party types, but in this case it seems like wasted effort.  I would note, however, that we’ve now reached the point where the Tea Baggers aren’t merely claiming ideological kinship with the Founders; they’re now concocting “Revolution: You’re Doing It Wrong” fantasies in which they get to angrily lecture Washington, Franklin, and the others about how it’s really done.  Meanwhile, back in Possum Holler, Barber has already (skipping one or two steps, no?) adopted the “Everyone around here is so fucking serious” line of defense, by which, presumably, he means “stop quoting me.”





2 responses

14 06 2010
paul brin

The same guy who owns if-by-whiskey.com now owns gatheryourarmies.com

15 06 2010

Super awesome. I need to gather my armies too, come to think of it.

About Washington and the whiskey tax. Not only did he push through the tax and then ordered the suppression of the Whiskey Rebels, he himself led the troops in the field–the only president ever to personally lead troops in combat.

Won’t even bother going into the distinction between taxation without representation vs taxation by a legally constituted representative gov’t.

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