Conservative Word of the Hour

18 06 2010


Dems do this, too, of course (remember “dog and pony show”?) and it’s an annoying habit.  For months and months now, Republicans have been running around nattering about “Chicago-style politics” (by which they mean “anything the Obama administration does but that Republicans don’t like”), “socialism” (by which they mean the same thing as above, having no actual sense of what socialism is), “Marxism” (again), “shoved down our throats” (by which they mean “passed by the Congress of the United States”), and “thrown under the bus” (which often seems to mean “disagreed with”), among numerous others.  I’m not suggesting that Republicans fully reject the Crazy, obviously.  You might as well ask a firefly to stop blinking its little light.  But a little variety would be nice, no?





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