Rand Paul Really Is a Dick

22 06 2010

Hey, Rand, from my family to yours… GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Kentucky Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul has a blunt message for the millions of Americans who remain unemployed in the long-term: “Accept a wage that’s less than [you] had at [your] previous job” and “get back to work.”

Because what people like Rand Paul really wants is for people to be fucking wage slaves their entire lives. And also, too, just suck it up, pull yourself up, etc. No matter that there aren’t any fucking jobs out there. Sorry you paid all that money to go to school and get a degree, but suck it up and take that job at Taco Bell. I’m sure you and your family can live off minimum wage. What a fucking douche. Also, not a Doctor. So a lying douche.





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