Goldberg Variations

23 06 2010

Shorter Jonah Goldbergs:

06/23 03:53 PM Here are some Simpsons clips making fun of soccer.

06/23 03:37 PM What’s the deal with people not liking to be insulted? Seriously, what’s the matter with you thin-skinned jerks?

06/23 12:11 PM I have seen a lot of sports movies.

06/23 07:19 AM I don’t want to argue about it, but when you realize that electronic gizmos are relatively cheaper than they used to be, you realize that there’s really no such thing as “being poor” anymore.

06/23 06:36 AM Here’s my (unintentionally poignant) column on how political correctness is destroying the idea of “best friends.”

06/23 06:30 AM I’m very excited to be writing about zombies!

06/22 04:50 PM Progressives are Nazis.

* Shamelessly cribbed from Roy, who stole it from Tbogg. Goddamn criminals everywhere.





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