PBEs and Whooping Cough in California – Redux

24 06 2010

As a parent I have to say this subject has been one of the hardest things to wade through. There is a ton of information on both sides of this argument and while some of the anti-vaccine stuff has been debunked there are still some very interesting takes on the subject from some pretty rational people. I’ve read quite a bit of research on it and it really isn’t the frothing crazy that it is made out to be. Mostly a general concern for the explosion of vaccines in general in the past 20 years or so. But I think Jason hits it on the head when he says that the industry hasn’t done anything to help endear themselves to parents or to help make sense of all the vaccines we are hit with from very early on in our child’s life. The medical profession isn’t much better, to be honest. Almost every doctor I have seen has a very “fuck you and take the vaccines” attitude about the whole thing. Couple that with the horror stories from other parents and you’ve got a pretty touchy group who probably aren’t getting the best advice or care from anyone.





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