Governor Kenneth The Page

26 06 2010

Governor Jindal is a real piece of work. He’s been screaming about the federal governments response to the gulf spill for weeks now, and what do you know… he hasn’t brought in even half of the National Guards at his disposal. When pressed on it he said this…

Jindal spokesman Kyle Plotkin said that Louisiana would “call up more National Guard troops as the Adjutant General tells us he needs them.”

He followed up with a harsh criticism of the federal government’s response efforts.

“We spend more time fighting red tape and bureaucracy than we ever should have to if the federal government understood this oil spill as the war that it is.”

And of course this is the reality…

Adm. Thad Allen, the federal government official in charge of the response to the BP oil spill, said, “There is nothing standing in the governor’s way from utilizing more National Guard troops.” The Coast Guard has typically approved requests to deploy National Guard troop in a day.






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