28 06 2010

Rick Barber does the crazy like almost no one else.


Someone really ought to tell Rick that there were taxes even way back in Abraham Lincoln’s day.

Also, as Benen points out, this asshole is from goddamn Alabama and here he is talking about how “we” put an end to slavery.  Cute.





One response

29 06 2010

These campaign ads are so fucking great. I love that he’s done before it’s half over, so the singer than regale us with his poor poor talents. I especially love the parade of soldiers’ graves and war monuments–one for each war: the Revolution, 1812, the Civil War, Spanish-American, WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam. I think they left out the long war we’ve been fighting in the Middle East since 1990. No good monuments to that one anyway, and most people still consider it to be two wars, so there’s still that issue to debate.

I especially especially love that this cracker-ass cousin-fucking redneck pushes the slavery thing so hard. Isn’t Ole Abe still hated down Bama way? And his Civil War image was of a northern monument, Union soldier with a big US on his buckle. That alone should disqualify him among Bama voters, right? At first I thought he hedged his bets by throwing in a Johnny Reb but the uniform, hat, and rifle are Spanish-American-era. Guess that was too much to ask for.

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