That Word, I Do Not Think…

28 06 2010

Via The Sadlys, Henry Lamb:

“M” is the Messiah complex which compelled [Obama] to stand before a German audience and declare that “…I am a citizen of the world”

Obviously, because the first thing self-appointed messiahs do is vanish into the nameless masses.  I honestly don’t know what to say about these people anymore.  Are they getting dumber?  Crazier?  Meaner?  All of the above?  They keep saying he’s “arrogant” (wink wink nudge nudge) but the bowing and scraping really bother them.  They think he’s “incompetent” but is somehow able to control with sinister élan everything and everyone in his Massive Socialist Conspiracy to Break the Founders’ Hearts.  Even his campaign logo strikes them as suspicious:

“O” is his logo, with dramatic red and blue swirls that are supposed to imply some sort of connection to the nation over which he now presides.

The nerve!





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