Like It or Not

1 07 2010

Verbatim La Shawn Barber:

Like it or not, we live in a racially integrated society, where every individual’s rights are protected.

It’s at Malkin’s site, so you can find it yourself.

Update: The comments bring out the usual rabble of professional victims (“Some people just can’t stand anyone else being happy”), anti-PC crusaders (“The PC Police are sure to jack you up now!”), and nutters (“Forget the fact that Tiger gentically is at best 20% Negroid”).  But it’s the Solemn Brotherhood of Constitutionalists who amuse me most these days:

Rand Paul was correct in his theoretical discussion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Some of the provisions of the bill may not be constitutional. That doesn’t make Rand or Walter Williams or me a racist. It just makes us people who have read and understood the constitution.

Brave are they who endure maliciously false accusations of racial hatred in their courageous defense of constitutional originalism.





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