Shadows of My Mind Watch

6 07 2010

The relationship of dedicated wingnuts with their actual policy positions is one of modern politic’s great marvels.  Officially, of course, they’re for Freedom, and Liberty, and whichever amendment is on the burner that week, but the muck lies pretty close to the surface and the zeal with which they seek to cover it up once the show goes national seems to indicate that they’re a bit embarrassed by their fans.

Update: Via Chait, I see that none other than George Will has jumped into the Why Not Sharron Angle? game without noting the obvious answer: She’s batshit insane.  And that’s no easy task, either, you imagine, and the dissonance ends up producing a column that includes howlers like “Sharron Angle, 60, could be enjoying the 10 grandchildren she loves even more than her .44 magnum.” Chait mutters that this avoidance of the unavoidable is “rank dishonesty,” but, dear reader!, it’s as honest as downward rain.  Nothing warms the crackpot heart like guns, conspiracy theories, thinly veiled threats of politically inspired violence, and the laughter of small children.  Not so long ago, you imagine, Will would have wiped such stuff off his spats, but this is the Brave New World of teabagger nuttery and it’s either get onboard or get left behind.





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