Wanker of the Day

7 07 2010


Brutal takedown here.  And keep in mind that the WaPo sold to its customers this:

For example, rail-based ICBMs and launchers are not mentioned.

To which Fred Kaplan dutifully replies:

First, neither Russia nor the United States has any rail-based ICBMs or launchers. Second, the treaty does deal with mobile ICBMs

And this:

Unlike past treaty restrictions, ICBMs are not prohibited from bombers. This means that Russia is free to mount a nearly unlimited number of ICBMs on bombers

To which Kaplan rejoins:

ICBMs are not “mounted on,” or loaded inside, bombers. The only nuclear weapons carried by bombers are bombs; that’s why they’re called bombers. (Many years ago, some B-52s and B-1s were equipped with air-launched cruise missiles, which flew through the atmosphere, as opposed to intercontinental ballistic missiles, which arc outside the atmosphere. These ALCMs no longer exist, in any case.)

And all was well in Journamalism Land.  Both “sides” of the issue had been represented, and if some of the “facts” presented in Romney’s editorial turn out not to be facts at all, well, that’s for the papers consumers of information to sort out on their own.





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