A Madman on the Corner

8 07 2010

Shorter Jay Nordlingers:

07/08 10:01 AM I almost made it through an entire post about Venezuela without comparing Barack Obama to Hugo Chávez.  Almost.

07/08 09:40 AM I was kidding before about the whole NASA thing, but now here’s a rant. I could write about this one all day.  It’s that good.  Is anyone else being eaten from the inside by insects?  No?  Okay, cool.  Me, neither.  Anyway, if Obama wants to make Muslims feel better about themselves, couldn’t he make Americans feel better about launching a war on Iraq, too?  Nope!  Here’s something Joe Biden said.  Okay, so shit is real, right?  I’d like to talk about torture, too.  I like it.  And so should you, weak-knees.

07/08 09:14 AM Torture is okay when we do it.  Why are the obscenity shrieking freaks on The Left so angry all the goddamn time?


07/08 03:54 PM Sometimes, I just can’t stop the workings of my mind, they’re going so fast. I read something recently by David Horowitz about Chris Hitchens.  What a brain!  Horowitz, not Hitch, though Hitch is a whip, too, but here is a silly thing he said once.  Also, people have trouble spelling.  Here are some of the words.  Also, a quotation from a golfer who’d shot a good round. Finally, cheers to Thomas Sowell for kinda-sorta calling Obama a fag.  You gotta love that guy.  Sowell, not Obama.

07/08 03:33 PM Here’s a bizarrely sexualized story about two military pilots, who are lovers, engaged in a mid-air refueling.  Nudge nudge wink wink.  Nozzle, right guys?  The title of this post is similar to the title of an old Ronald Reagan movie in which he played not a pilot but a radio announcer, which Reagan had been.  Interesting!  P.S. [Gibberish]





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