29 07 2010


“They hate Jews, they hate Chrisitans, they hate women, they hate dogs. [The idea of the new mosque] scares the daylights out of me. I want you to stress this — I’m not prejudiced. I worked retail for nine years and I didn’t even know my manager was gay until someone told me. And when I found out, I didn’t care. […]

“They hate song,” she said of Muslims. “So we’re going to sing patriotic songs, Christian songs.

God Bless America will be one,” Serafin added.

–Diane Serafin, protesting the “Ground Zero mosque”

They hate songs!  Boys, we’ll sing ’em out!

I’m always sort of amused that someone who rattles off something like this won’t hesitate for a moment to even consider the possibility that prejudice might be behind some of their attitudes.  But…wait!  I had a gay boss once! And I didn’t hate him! Therefore, not prejudiced!  QED, etc.





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