Not Racists! Watch

30 07 2010

Really, just not.

Tea Party blogger, Annie Hamilton.

It is becoming WELL KNOWN that ISLAM IS DYING IN AMERICA, despite what you might be hearing from CAIR and others – the more it dies, the more frantic they become and the more they put out press releases about how ‘fabulous’ things are, new mosques, etc…(except they are broke and hitting others up for funds)

STOP placating them – in addition, there is no such thing as a moderate muslim, regardless of what you’ve heard – from the mouth of the son of a well known Imam. Islam is as Islam does. And Regardless of what you might think, there is no such thing of a ‘mild’ muslim, even the ‘quiet’ ones who live on the street corner, drive the BMW and work in the dr’s office…they go to mosque, satisfy the pillars, pray, etc…and the money they are giving, that is funding terror.

it is funding terror – and by your silence, YOU are funding terror. YOU are funding terror.





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