Hispanic Outreach

3 08 2010

Do you get the feeling that the GOP doesn’t understand the long game at all?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has come out in support of congressional hearings into the matter of whether the US Constitution grants citizenship to every person born in the United States — so-called ‘birthright’ citizenship.

Another election cycle, another scare tactic. You would think people might catch on after, say, 40 years or so.





One response

3 08 2010

I’m really confused here. How else would you be a citizen other than to be born here? And how could you limit that? If your parents are citizens, then you aren’t one, even though born on US soil? What? Will that disqualification be retroactive so we can finally get rid of all you whitey fuckers? Or will y’all be grandfathered in?

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