Wanker Of The Day

3 08 2010

Joe Lieberman, but then you could probably say that everyday.

On the Muslim community center in downtown New York:

“Well, I guess I’d say I’m troubled by it. But I don’t know enough to say it ought to be prohibited. But frankly I’ve heard enough about it, and read enough about it, that I wish someone in New York would just put the brakes on it for a while and take a look at this.”





One response

3 08 2010

Yes, in Arizona where they’re erecting legal fences and encouraging racial profiling and instituting their own special apartheid, we should leave the comments and the decisions to Arizonans, who live there and understand the issues that we from afar, who apparently live with no immigrant populations whatsoever, can’t possibly understand the complexity of–not to mention the sheer murderous animality of Mexicans and their compatriot ratlike hordes of Latinos. But here in NYC we need to slow down the allowance of a mosque, a fucking house of worship and reverance–that’s part of an entire bad-ass community center–and if you’ve been to the Jewish community Center on the Upper West Side or some of the better Ys around the city, you know what I’m talking about–here in NYC we need Joe to make us understand that tolerance and pluralism aren’t necessarily the best thing to do. Here we need to consider the bigots pretending to speak for and honor the dead of Sept 11 by inciting race hatred and fear, because that will protect us from terrorists. And the Jews killed Christ, by the way. Fucking Christkillers. (Hey, Christkiller would be a great death-metal band name–needs an umlaut.)

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