It’s Only a Matter of Time

19 08 2010

This post from Digby is tonight’s reading assignment.

Look, obviously there’s been an in the media attempt to frame this as some kind of complicated debate about principles and the boundaries of common-sense public civility, but the fact of the matter is that this shit was touched off by a racist loon and then picked up and carried by a pair of opportunistic vipers in Palin and Gringrich.  There was pretty much only one way this was going to go.  Meanwhile, you’ve got Palin fanning the flames by defending Laura Schlessinger’s racist outburst, Fox News suggesting that the Department of Justice has organized a vast conspiracy to disenfranchise white voters through physical intimidation, and a larger and larger slice of the electorate misidentifying the president of the United States as belonging to a class they’re told every hour of every day is an alien enemy hellbent-for-leather on tearing down the Republic just to watch it die.  It’s only a matter of time before someone gets hurt, or worse.  They’re already laying the groundwork, just like they’re already laying out the subsequent media defense.

Happy to be wrong.





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