24 08 2010

Shorter Jonah Goldberg, professional pundit and bestselling author:

You wanna know who’s really suffering in all this GZ mosque business?  You wanna know?  Well, I’m a-gonna tell ya.  It’s the White Man, that’s who!

I know Jonah just farts this stuff out between posting amusing YouTube videos and letting his readers write most of his posts at The Corner, but even for him this blazes new trails in lazy. But who can blame him?  His cut-and-paste “liberals are the real villains” shtick has secured him a spot in the LA Times, and even after weeks of insane conservative yowling about Muslims triumphalists in lower Manhattan, his editors are willing to let something like this slide.  Someone once said it’s hard out there for a simp, but I don’t think they’ve been paying much attention.





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