The Dream Within Reach!

25 08 2010

The rightwing yackers are very, very close to actually getting a human being killed!  Once that’s achieved, they can continue with their peak-wingnut experiment: Arguing that some poor, misunderstood, knife-wielding patriot is the victim of a far-left witchhunt, abetted by the LSM, and etc.  Sarah Palin will tweet about it, of course, later fleshing out her ideas in greater detail and thoughtfulness on Facebook. Limbaugh, confident in the support of his listeners, will mock the victim’s family.  Geller will expose the whole thing as a massive conspiracy and the deceased a willing martyr for the cause. Goldberg will fart thoughtfully.  Lopez will mangle the language as though in a jingoistic trance. Beck will weep.

Lordy, I need a drink.





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