Wanker of the Day

25 08 2010

Cole predicted it, Broder comes through:

Now that John McCain has taken care of his political business in Arizona, it is time for him to return to Washington and the responsibilities he bears as a leader of the Republican Party and the nation.

I did not begrudge him the $20 million he spent to win Tuesday’s primary, or whatever amount it was. Nor was I bothered by the doctrinal compromises the senator made in order to convince Arizona voters that he was, in fact, a conservative. McCain has always been a realist, doing what is necessary to survive a North Vietnamese prison camp or a tough political trap. His 2000 embrace of George W. Bush—a man he had every reason to dislike—showed his practicality, and it made possible his own presidential nomination in 2008.

There’s something unseemly about all those old men slobbering over one another, yeah, but the POW camp/ campaign-of-bullshit comparison has got to be some kind of new Village low.  But the closer is perhaps even better:

A load of work — but John McCain has never shirked.

No, not shirked. He just lied his ass off for months and months until even his most dew-eyed followers began to see him for what he really is.  But, hey, lonely are the brave, right?





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