Race Hustler

2 09 2010

Being wrong about the CRM really has driven a lot of these guys completely insane.  It’s one of the most pressing problems of modern conservative thought: Conservatives, by definition, cannot be wrong about anything (and even when they appear to be wrong, it’s just that they’re playing by the rules established by Sinister Liberals), but the historical evidence tells them that they were, without question, in this instance  really, really wrong.  Not just as individuals (though there is that) but also as a movement and an institutional collective that believes that society ought to be shaped to some extent according to its guiding tenets.

Answer: Rewrite that history!  Turn the CRM into a matter of he said/ she said history and let the talking heads and Serious People of the Village argue out the details.  Impressive shit, really, and bold, but you get the sense that even the True Believers aren’t entirely on board.  For one thing, they keep letting their principle motive slip.

At a certain point, there’s got to be more behind a political movement.





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