Unfamiliar with the Term

8 09 2010

Lord.  I generally try to stay away from the Broadcast Crazy (preferring to read it) and always marvel at those brave souls who expose themselves—on purpose!—to Limbaugh or Beck or whoever and, no, I don’t understand their popularity but at least they seem to fit into a broader context of politicized hucksterism as entertainment.

Savage’s endurance, though, is a thing of mystery.  He’s got all of Beck’s muddle-pated confusion and Limbaugh’s spittle-flecking without any of whatever shreds of humanity those two clowns manage to transmit to their cave-blind followers.  Seriously, who listens to this asshole?  Who lets this kind of Mr. Hate bullshit into their lives day after day after?  The guy’s one long yowl of blood-soaked white man’s rage, and yet he’s got an audience and, presumably, advertisers.


Update: Forget I said anything.  If you want me, I’ll be hiding in the root cellar beneath mother’s old wedding dress.





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