Wake to Stupid

13 09 2010

This nonsense has been going on all week-end, and Serwer is just one to raise his voice against it (Drum has been good, too) but…lordy, this is fucking stupid.  And transparent.  The ongoing attempts to “otherize” President Obama have always had at least a toehold in the mainstream, intellectual right, but now we’ve broken out the silver egg cups and tucked our expensive silk napkins in our collars for a real feast of crashing polysyllabic taunts.  The president’s not even allowed the dignity of being a parlor pink.  Instead, he’s an African tribal communist.  Shaka Stalin!

And how perfect that it all starts with Dinesh “Party of Death” D’Souza, a writer who must be absolutely flabbergasted that his philosophical support for at least some of al Qaeda’s cultural grievances against the West has failed to get him tossed out of polite society (“What’s a guy got to do to get fired around here?”).  Better yet that Gingrich has decided to pick up the football and run with it, producing howlers such as, “[Obama] was being the person he needed to be in order to achieve the position he needed to achieve . . . He was authentically dishonest.”  This from Mr. “It doesn’t matter what I live“!  Stunning indeed.  But not in the way anyone appears to mean.





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