QotD: Surrounded by Liberty

17 09 2010

I’m trying to steadfastly stay off 24-hour O’Donnell Watch.  TPM has secured the turf and those guys break legs.  (I hear).  Still this is pretty good shit and I want to share:

You see, a funny thing happened on the way to our seats on the sideline. Those who had toiled for years in the values movement suddenly found ourselves surrounded by Americans who had found the most important value of all: liberty.

Hey, I like a stemwinder as much as the next citizen, but you really have to wonder how long even the rubes can continue to swallow stuff that sounds like it was dreamed up by Eve Harrington for a Birchers roast.  I don’t know.  Maybe this stuff is more potent than I imagine, but results (and anticipation) have to count for something, too, and it’s more likely that O’Donnell will soon be filling a spot as an FNC backbencher than coming up with zingers to impress the Official Reporter of the Senate.

But that’s cool, too!  When she does lose, it will have been because the Lamestream Media committed the offense of recording (and rebroadcasting) all of the insane things she’s said on the television program she was duped into being booked on.  And that, in turn, leads to grievance.  And grievance, Fellow Travelers, is the coin of the Tea Party realm.





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