Just a Note

23 09 2010

If I sound pessimistic lately, it’s because…I am!  We’re going to take the walloping of a lifetime come November, and (though I hate to say it) we’re going to deserve every fistful.  I actually think that this Congress has been one of the most successful in recent memory and one of the most progressive in a generation, but the fact remains that we’ve completely allowed rightwing circus freaks to dominate our discourse.  Fuck all, man, you’ve actually got Republican pols running around the goddamn country campaigning on a platform of reversing rules that prevent insurance carriers from telling their customers to fuck off and die.  That’s message-loss, sorry.

So we’re going to get ours, and, come November, get ready for Speaker Boehner.  There’ll be yet more tax cuts for the rich and more investigations than you can shake a special prosecutor at, and we can all start talking about that forthcoming war against the New Hitlers in Iran.  And we’ll have asked for every goddamn bloody drop of it.






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