Wanker of the Day

1 10 2010

Rick Sanchez’s brilliant plan to dispute perceptions that he’s a dumb-ass is to go on the radio and Blame the Jews.

The walk-back on this one should be fun to watch.





One response

2 10 2010

Well, looks like there won’t be much walk-back since CNN fired him.

The real reason I’m commenting, though, is because Monika and I were just checking out the blog and after about 30 seconds she says, Why do they have an apple-tini on their whiskey blog? Exactly fucking right, my dear wife. Why?

I mean, even a Manhattan would be okay: even if it is a girly-ass whiskey drink, at least it’s still whiskey. I know you refuse to change it only to spite me. You’ll get yours, though, Miller Bros, oh yes, you’ll get yours.

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