Dumber by the Day

5 11 2010

We’ve been witness to a lot of insane nonsense over the past couple of years (almost too much to keep track of. Remember the flash-craziness over President Obama’s personal flag?), but this $200 million/day India trip bullshit has got to take the cake.  They nutjobs are now so lazy—or so keyed-up after Tuesday’s election—that they’re outsourcing their distortions to anonymous rumors on Indian Web sites, though perhaps this is just another form of acceptance of our current economic realities.  There’s pushback now, at least, which is not only a marvelously appropriate use of taxpayer dollars but also almost perfectly emblemizes our idiotic times:  Government officials wasting their time arguing with mentally ill propagandists over fact-free assertions designed to feed the sociopathic needs of a lunatic base.  And all for nothing, of course.  It’s not the specific lie that matters at all.  It’s that they get to pout and posture and get invited on Fox News and then wait for the next outrage to come along.  The cost of Bo’s kibble maybe.  Or something to do with Michelle.  That one always puts butts in the seats.





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