Rightwing Crazies Watch

16 11 2010

Chait has the lowdown on O’Keefe’s latest stunt, and, yea, it’s every bit as awful and nauseating as we’ve come to expect from one of Earth’s Worst Humans.  My question is why do pols and news organizations feel safe attaching themselves to this clown’s antics?  I mean, here’s the governor of New Jersey citing O’Keefe’s “work” as evidence of the perfidy of teachers unions.  And despite everything that O’Keefe has pulled in the past—and despite the fact that one of his last stunts nearly landed him in a world of actual criminal legal trouble—the tape is still widely disseminated and the teacher in question is suspended without pay.  That’s depressing.  What’s more depressing is that this dynamic—rightwing sociopaths pitch an insane fit, normal humans buckle—has become almost routine in our political culture.





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