Psychopaths Rule Our Discourse

23 11 2010

The Ol’Perfesser:

JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW: North Korea fires artillery barrage on South. If they start anything, I say nuke ‘em. And not with just a few bombs. They’ve caused enough trouble — and it would be a useful lesson for Iran, too. We can’t afford another Korean war, but hey, we’re already dismantling warheads. . . .

What kind of human do you have to be to so causally call for this kind of violence?  Obviously, such a thing would pretty much signal a horrendous and utterly catastrophic turn in the course of human history.  The bloodshed and suffering would be positively incalculable and the United States would be forever remembered as a global mass-murderer. And all that means so little to this insane asshole that he even manages a stab at New START.

The only question is when does Newt hop on board?





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