The Circus

7 01 2011

Obviously, with the Republicans taking control of the House we can expect plenty of shenanigans aimed at lining the vaults of the already well-monocled whilst also convincing ordinary Americans that attempts to stop their insurance carriers from dropping them at a moment of dire need or to prevent their mortgage holders from breaking into their houses and stealing their stuff are sure signs of the Republic’s impending doom.  Still—broken-hearted Son of Liberty that I am—even I did not foresee Pete King’s argument that babies tossed into garbage cans were evidence that the ACA should be exempted from the Commerce Clause.

I suppose we’ll be learning lots of new things in the days and weeks ahead, and for a while it’ll be LOLz.  But then I have a feeling that the fun will wear off, and soon and badly too.  The nice thing about the circus is that you can leave when you want.





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