Filibuster This!

5 01 2011

Looks like Reid might be serious about reform. This will be an interesting few days to watch.


Here’s the bottom line: We may not agree yet on how to fix the problem – but no one can credibly claim problems don’t exist. No one who has watched this body operate since the current minority took office can say it functions just fine. That wouldn’t be true, it would be dishonest. No one can deny that the filibuster has been used for purely political reasons — reasons far beyond those for which this protection was invented and intended.



Prophesy Fulfilled

3 08 2010

Shorter Stephen Spruiell, the Corner

A Dead-Letter Energy Bill?

That crafty ol’devil Harry Reid plans to paint the Republican Party as obstructionist on the Senate energy bill.

Then the GOP filibusters the energy bill:

Re: Reid Drops Energy Bill, Blames Republicans

Damn you, Harry Reid!  Damn you to hell!!!!!!!


More Please

19 07 2010

Time to ramp it up.


Dear Blanche

15 05 2010

Go fuck yourself.

It’s not about being with us 100% of the time. But we would appreciate you not fucking us on every major policy issue, but I guess that would get in the way of hippie punching. And everyone knows how damn fun that is.



28 04 2010

They’re breaking out the cots tonight in the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body [tm].  They’re doing this because no one wants to embrace a handful of simple rule changes that would help the body to function like an actual legislature.  And the reason no one wants to embrace filibuster reform is that no one wants to be the guy to give away his party’s power to make sure the Senate remains broken the next time his party is in the minority.

Make sense?


The Parliamentarian

23 03 2010

This is so pathetic it almost (almost!) makes me feel sorry for them.

I know they’re really only talking to themselves, but really…the crying, the constant moaning about “The Will of the People” and “Ramming It Down Our Throats,” the hysterical hyperbole, the relentless lying…aren’t they the least bit embarrassed?

Yes, this is one of those rhetoricals.


No! “Precedented”!

16 03 2010

Ezra is right on the merits here, of course.  The only sane way to proceed is to decide how our legislative institutions are going to work and then turn those decisions into rule-guided normative standards.  Unfortunately, we seem to have inherited a political system in which routinely enacting extraordinary measures has become commonplace, while efforts to correct the process will be—you can bet your bottom dollar—a new kind of media freakout.

Seriously, just wait until Democrats start talking about filibuster reform.  How many times do you think you’re going to have to see clips from Mr. Smith Goes to Washington?