The Revolution Will be Televised

10 12 2010

I didn’t think it was possible for him to get any crazier, but then

What’s amazing to me is that we’ve already had a couple of incidents of Beck-inspired near bloodshed.  And then Glenn goes on teevee or the radio and makes some quiet noises about how he [cough cough cough] abhors violence, and that’s good enough for the powers that be at Fox and he’s back at it again the next day.



A Personal Army of Union Thugs

23 11 2010

There’s just no tense situation that this psychopathic clown can’t make more dangerous.


The Unhinged

11 10 2010

Accused Oakland, California shooter Byron Williams:

“It was the things he exposed that blew my mind. Beck would never say anything about a conspiracy, would never advocate violence, he’ll never do anything like, of this nature, but he’ll give you every ounce of evidence that you could possibly need.”


The Dumbening

1 10 2010

Shorter Glenn Beck:

Slavery started out as an innocent idea before government regulation turned it evil.

I used to have this suspicion that Beck was a lot smarter than he let on, and that his schtick required him to play hillbilly historian for the  mouth-breathers who buy his books and spend their life savings on GoldLine to bury in the back yard.  This suspicion is waining.


Family Members Are Off Limits Watch

19 09 2010

I can never remember if they are or aren’t. Oh well, fuck it.

. . [Beck] ridiculed first lady Michelle Obama’s campaign to get people to eat healthier snacks like apples or carrots.

“Get away from my french fries, Mrs. Obama,” Beck warned. “First politician that comes up to me with a carrot stick, I’ve got a place for it. And it’s not in my tummy.”


There’s a Fire Burning, but Somebody Lit the Match

9 09 2010

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that actual national security threats associated with the Florida—and now Tennessee!—Koran burning are probably somewhat overstated.  Gods, at least I hope they are.  But I think Josh Marshall (and Zogby) get it just about right.  I’ve seen Glenn Beck getting a nice pat on the head here and there today from people who ought to know better, and that’s bullshit.  Beck and Newt and Sarah and all the others might blanch now, but they’re the reason this shit got going and kept going, kept going past all reason and good sense.  You can’t go on teevee every goddamn day and compare people to an army of bloodthirsty, America-hating Hitler robots endlessly over and over and suggest that they’re building a kind of Triumph Fortress to piss on the bodies of the 9/11 victims and not expect some kind of crazy-ass reaction in places like, you know, goddamn Florida and Tennessee.  So spare me the fucking tears and spare me nice words for Glenn Beck.  Anything that happens is on his fucking head.


Snow Job

9 09 2010

Nothing like cashing in a bit on human tragedy, right?

We’ve now reached the point at which tragedy becomes farce becomes kitsch.

And, of course, Snowbunny Joad and Auric Goldline are just the pair to lead the pack.