Birther Madness

6 01 2011

Gonna be a long two fucking years.

An apparent member of the birther movement seated in the gallery of the House of Representatives on Thursday interrupted a reading of the Constitution. The woman yelled out “Except Obama, except Obama, help us Jesus!” as Rep. Frank Pallone (D-NJ) read the “natural born citizen” clause of the Constitution.



President Bachmann?

5 01 2011

It really is a deluded cavalcade of nut jobs thinking about running for POTUS on the Republican side in 2012.


Fetus: The Housekeeper Did It

23 11 2010

Conservatives are often very, very strange people.


Psychopaths Rule Our Discourse

23 11 2010

The Ol’Perfesser:

JUST WHAT THE WORLD NEEDS NOW: North Korea fires artillery barrage on South. If they start anything, I say nuke ‘em. And not with just a few bombs. They’ve caused enough trouble — and it would be a useful lesson for Iran, too. We can’t afford another Korean war, but hey, we’re already dismantling warheads. . . .

What kind of human do you have to be to so causally call for this kind of violence?  Obviously, such a thing would pretty much signal a horrendous and utterly catastrophic turn in the course of human history.  The bloodshed and suffering would be positively incalculable and the United States would be forever remembered as a global mass-murderer. And all that means so little to this insane asshole that he even manages a stab at New START.

The only question is when does Newt hop on board?


Bachmann Rules Their World

19 11 2010

You ever get the feeling that this whole movement is going to come back and bite them in the ass?


Um…Never Mind

16 11 2010

And this, my dear friends, is why we’re so totally fucked as a civilization.

I don’t know what happened to make everyone so goddamned crazy and mean and apparently completely unable to recognize their own bullshit, but we need to get over it and get over it fast.



5 11 2010

It’s no surprise that Mitch is acting like the little dog half of the little dog/bulldog combo from the old Warner Bros. cartoons.  The Orange Man is going to be Speaker and wield actual power, but McConnell is still going to only wield pretend power, and it’s obviously driving him nuts.  More interesting has been watching the power dynamic over the past couple of days.  At least to some degree, the Republicans have tried to keep a lid on their satanic glee, but it’s a sad act—a little like a fat, stupid kid who can barely contain his amazement that he’s found his way back into the larder—and before another week or two have passed I have a sense that the mask will have slipped off entirely.

Of course, it’s not as though they’re trying too hard.  No one’s tied Michele Bachmann to a chair.  And handing off Grand Inquisitor duties to Darrell Issa isn’t exactly a subtle move, either.  And, in a way, that’s okay.  Character is destiny, after all, and the GOP’s character is all about grievance and triumphalism.  I’d say that it’s going to be amusing watching the Tea Party people (to the extent that they actually exist) wake up to the monsters they’ve just returned to power, but somehow I don’t think we’re going to have to worry too much about that, either.