The Circus

7 01 2011

Obviously, with the Republicans taking control of the House we can expect plenty of shenanigans aimed at lining the vaults of the already well-monocled whilst also convincing ordinary Americans that attempts to stop their insurance carriers from dropping them at a moment of dire need or to prevent their mortgage holders from breaking into their houses and stealing their stuff are sure signs of the Republic’s impending doom.  Still—broken-hearted Son of Liberty that I am—even I did not foresee Pete King’s argument that babies tossed into garbage cans were evidence that the ACA should be exempted from the Commerce Clause.

I suppose we’ll be learning lots of new things in the days and weeks ahead, and for a while it’ll be LOLz.  But then I have a feeling that the fun will wear off, and soon and badly too.  The nice thing about the circus is that you can leave when you want.



Foot out of Mouth

3 08 2010

Tom Shales is a serious dipshit.  First, he goes fishing for a little attention by making a completely outrageous accusation against Christiane Amanpour, someone he has a well-known (if mysterious) beef with.  He gets called on it and now it’s time to clutch the pearls and swoon at all the hostility and anger among liberals on the internet.


Maybe the Least-Surprising Lede Ever

28 07 2010

Andy McCarthy:

“On a quick read, the federal court’s issuance of a temporary injunction against enforcement of the major provisions of the Arizona immigration law appears specious.”

He concludes that the ruling is “going to anger most of the country” (sound legal reasoning there!) and that the solution is to elect a Republican president.  Because Republicans had settled the whole immigration thing before the Pelois/Reid/Obama Treason-Axis came along and opened the borders.

Bonus Least-Surprising Lede Ever!:

Victor David Hanson:

“The postmortem of the Sherrod affair will prove it to have been a net negative for the Obama administration…”

Catch your breath, America!


Junk Science/ Junk Brain

14 05 2010

Shorter Longer Jonah Golderg:

Here’s some (admittedly) complete bullshit that just happens to support my view of the policy in question.  If it did not, obviously, the bullshit would just be bullshit and presumably not worth mentioning.


Wanker of the Day

12 05 2010

Fred Barnes.

Something like 99% of the political opinion writing in this country is undertaken for the sole purpose of deceiving people.


Empathy Watch

12 05 2010

And now we’re all for it again.  I can’t keep up.


“Ethnic Chauvinism”

12 05 2010

Obviously, the real issue is not classes aimed at specific ethnic groups—which affect almost no one and of which the broader voting public is almost certainly entirely unaware—but rather the use of political instruments to wind up the racial resentment of certain favored political constituencies. It’s telling, I think, that just a few weeks after passing a law that, by definition, isolates latinos, the government of Arizona is all of a sudden very concerned about academic classes that supposedly encourage “resentment” toward whites by teaching history.

For example, in the Mexican-American Studies program, an American history course explores the role of Hispanics in the Vietnam War, and a literature course emphasizes Latino authors.

Clearly, this sort of outrage must be stamped out immediately.